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Time to Trial, Timed Trial Style!!!

What a way to set off down the tough terrain of trialing around the world…we’re off to join the Scottish Land Rover Owners Club with their first Timed Trial of the season, at Glenmavis. Grab a cup of tea and get comfy , it’s over to our off road motorsport reporting team, Jazmyn and Harmony Hunter…..

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  1. Got this together without the correct equipment, a trial run but the girls are super excited and already sorted out a boom mic to cut out the wind noise.
    In case you are wondering what we are all doing, a timed trial is 4 sections at 320m run 3 times against the clock, this is our 6yr running these in the club super competitive and loads of fun and cheap racing! We will keep you posted throughout the year, we run 4 of these with 3 club comps safaris, we also plan to cover tyros, rtv, and ccv. We will also include our island Hopping trips which are very exciting!

  2. we are heading down to the lake district to compete in war of the roses it will be great to cover this! Last year we took down 2 teams the golden oldies and the young ones great weekend

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