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Croeso i ….

LATEST NEWS: Drive on down the page to keep up with the crews battling to keep LIVE!! news coming through, as the storm really does hit, and hard! Commentator and UE4 driver, Jerry Hunt, who will shortly be requiring ground anchors to hold him in place, is braced in to to the wind but still out there capturing the story and following the crews as they take on the early stages. Experience the might of “Storm Xtrem” with Jerry Hunt, Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan and the whole team as the story unfolds…’s a belter!!

It takes a truck load of work to get an event off the ground and a special crew to make it successful year after year. Heading up a fabulous posse of volunteers, all dedicated and experienced in their field, who do just that, is the hugely charismatic Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan. He very kindly took time out from the supercharged run up to the 2019 Welsh Xtrem, to ponder the whys, hows and wherefores of this now cult event….

If you haven’t been yet, and don’t have the t shirt, 2019’s on trend Welsh Xtrem colour is a very striking and extremely positive orange!

Moose Offroad with a full burst of their unique Xtrem filming to really capture the mood on the Friday warm up…..
Saturday a.m. …first away….

Going in to the final day of all out Welsh Xtrem action:

It’s been relentless. All action off road, completely riveting on-line, with a properly exciting cliff hanger of a Charity Auction under canvas last night….this is the event that literally just keeps on giving!! Brace yourself for a ‘real cherry on the cake’ moment even after the event is all over…. But for now, as they say, “Buckle up Buttercup, it’s going to be a hell of a ride….” Day 3, Welsh Xtrem 2019 is under starters orders….


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