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About Us

Off Road World Wide is a Step Back in Time TV C.I.C. production.  We’re a not-for-profit community interest company.

With British drivers flying high in international events, it’s time to bring together the moments, drivers, crews and cars that have made, and are making history…right now…and archive the stories for us all to share, from the past and the present, and to treasure them right along side the future of this incredible sport.

We have world class crews, events and organisers and still nowhere near enough coverage…time to get that sorted and off road motorsport recognised as the top level area of competition that it is. There’s even going to be an area for a proper Fan Club for the crews out there busting their butts and doing us proud representing the sport…and that’s well overdue!!

This is a whole new way of collecting and sharing the news, views, stories and histories, bringing together the ‘elders’ of the sport right along side the reigning champs, the movers and shakers, and the up and coming crews in full cry for those top titles and honours.

The organisers, safety crews, time keepers, marshals and comms units will all take a place in the intricate web of off road motorsport, with presenters in every nook and cranny mulling over, debating and just wallowing in moments and events across the off road season.

The ‘virtual studio’ will be open to everyone to put questions to the guest crews. Live ‘vs’ events will happen regularly in the Cider Barn or LR shed, as well as at other venues and events all round the country…indeed the world!

We are eternally grateful to the film makers, journalists and photographers, who have given us access to their events, footage, stories and archives….these are the people who are already getting the sport out there and creating a thousand treasured moments in film and word. The whole story though, is only possible because of the people who move heaven, and quite often earth too, to create the theaters where those moments are created. The event organisers. Many will also be appearing in the ‘broadcasts’ and sharing their take on the whole scene from their own viewing platform.

We are not going to hit the course, full chat, as it were, bashing 7 bells out of the the rev limiter,  screaming through the season. We’re going to start at a pace that gives us chance for a bit of trial and error and for us all to see which route we want to take. You’re welcome to come along for the ride….. we’ve got a great navigator, a solid crew …. but the driving may be a bit dodgy … so I’ll be tagging with lots of others who are top notch!!

If we’re missing anything, pick up a phone, tablet, camera, hit rec. and just send your clip to ……..

But for now it’s time set the plan, aim for the tracks and trails for a frighteningly ambitious journey across the completely unpredictable terrain of off road motorsport.  For all off road motorsport hearts and souls, this is our shared life, on film….for everyone.

Over many years writing, I signed off with “Keep Talking”…. time to ditch the pen and paper and make friends with the web cam, so …..

“Keep filming!!”

Diana xx

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