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A Moment with Mr Morgan…

A bit of a round up to do from one quite extraordinary event, the Welsh Xtrem 2019. Taking time out to talk to us, after a full day 4×4 driver training, is the man who heads up the team that created such superb camaraderie, a cliff hanger of an auction, and an event that had crews using every ounce of commitment and energy to take on the terrain, the weather … and the cunningly wicked, yet exhilarating twists, turns and high pressure conundrums to take that 2019 trophy….for sure, a prize to treasure, from an event that will, for everyone involved in this area of off road, live for ever.

His energy is contagious, his generosity boundless and his soul brings everyone together in one giant group hug … Nobby Morgan rounds up this tremendous event, that is as much about this ‘off road family’ as it is about extraordinary competition, driving and team work…and gave one of their own a very beautiful, final event …. but that can only be in Nobby’s own words…

With very special thanks to Moose Offroad for more superb footage.

Head over to the Welsh Xtrem Fb page for more pics, clips and results from 2019s superb event.

And it’s goodnight from him….

Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan closes the Welsh Xtrem 2019… quote of the day right at the end, “No words!”, “No words needed…”. It was total triumph in every way. An event you can never put odds on and this year it was very apparent why …this event is anyone’s game…. and thats why it’s so, so enigmatic! A grand job indeed, by a superb crew….feelin’ the love for the Welsh Xtrem 2019 xxx

Croeso i ….

LATEST NEWS: Drive on down the page to keep up with the crews battling to keep LIVE!! news coming through, as the storm really does hit, and hard! Commentator and UE4 driver, Jerry Hunt, who will shortly be requiring ground anchors to hold him in place, is braced in to to the wind but still out there capturing the story and following the crews as they take on the early stages. Experience the might of “Storm Xtrem” with Jerry Hunt, Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan and the whole team as the story unfolds…’s a belter!!

It takes a truck load of work to get an event off the ground and a special crew to make it successful year after year. Heading up a fabulous posse of volunteers, all dedicated and experienced in their field, who do just that, is the hugely charismatic Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan. He very kindly took time out from the supercharged run up to the 2019 Welsh Xtrem, to ponder the whys, hows and wherefores of this now cult event….

If you haven’t been yet, and don’t have the t shirt, 2019’s on trend Welsh Xtrem colour is a very striking and extremely positive orange!

Moose Offroad with a full burst of their unique Xtrem filming to really capture the mood on the Friday warm up…..
Saturday a.m. …first away….

Going in to the final day of all out Welsh Xtrem action:

It’s been relentless. All action off road, completely riveting on-line, with a properly exciting cliff hanger of a Charity Auction under canvas last night….this is the event that literally just keeps on giving!! Brace yourself for a ‘real cherry on the cake’ moment even after the event is all over…. But for now, as they say, “Buckle up Buttercup, it’s going to be a hell of a ride….” Day 3, Welsh Xtrem 2019 is under starters orders….


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Welsh Xtrem 2019


Brace yourselves ……. it’s nearly time for some of the most exciting Xtreme off road challenge teams to get focused, be fearless, and, to split the odd Welsh infinitive, ….. i fynd boldly!!!

The lakebed dust is only just settling after the off road quake that was KOH 2019. The challenge style events epicentre may have been 1000s of mile away in Johnson Valley, California, but the mind blowing adrenalin wave has carried across the ocean and, losing nothing in momentum, is about to make landfall!!!

Organisers and crews alike are making final adjustments, only just reigning in the growing tide of excitement as they prepare for the 7th edition of the Welsh Xtrem …. a gruelling, all action, multi discipline event, that will push competitors to the limit of driver ability and crew team work, whilst testing tactical planning under Xtreme, hi octane pressure.

Months of meticulous work and preps have been willingly dedicated by Jason ‘Nobby’ Morgan and his well practiced and experienced team, to put in place an event that the organisers hope will make this year’s Welsh Xtrem even bigger, better and bolder than ever before.

ORWW will be following the event, with many thanks to the Welsh Xtrem team for an all access on-line view to their event, so check in with us here, where we’ll link up for a run down and coverage from those on site, and, to get maximum screen time viewing, you can also go to the events own Fb page (details below) and ‘like’ page for notification of real ‘live’ coverage throughout the weekend.

The Welsh Xtrem team want you to get as much out of the event as poss., so here’s the overview of the 2019 event to help make some plans:

  • Friday 8th March 14:15: Odyssey Battery #FunFriday It’s the warm up! Each vehicle will perform this Section one at a time. It shapes the line up for the rest of the event!
  • 18:00 – 22:30: Wilderness Lighting Special Night Section. (not brilliant for spectating but for the true Xtrem off-road fans not one to be missed)
  • Saturday 9th March 09:00 – 18:00: Special Section Saturday at the #xtrem19. This is worth a trip to come and see. We will have no less than 15 Special Sections and new for the 2019 event 5 Super Special Sections for our Competitors to complete. It’s going to be a long hard day in the office for these brave guys and girls.
  • 19:00: We have an evening of entertainment planned. Food and Drinks will be available to purchase, It is a chance to spend time with the Organisers, Competitors and Marshals. The evening will include an Auction at 20:30 you are all welcome to come and take part.
  • Sunday 10th March 09:00 – 16:00: Its the Gigglepin #SuperSunday. Quite simply do as many laps as you can!
  • 17:00: or sooner if we can Prize Giving.

There are toilets on site, but it s a field in the middle of Wales please don’t expect the marble sinks and heaters to dry your hands.   

You can watch some of the Action LIVE on the Welsh Xtrem Facebook Page please like the page to make sure you receive the notifications that we are live. there is lots more useful information also on that page so why not check it out?

King of the Hammers


Tils Tee catches Daniel Roderick and Dan Thomas, Team JS Custom Racing, as they complete the full distance of the might King of the Hammers….a great job, brilliantly done! Superb coverage of Team Europe putting on a spectacular show…we’ve loved following every minute!! Everyone’s on a total high with how this event has unfolded…. as they say out there…Totally stoked!! Visit Ultra4 Europe to find out more…
A real cliffhanger of a finish too….well worth sliding over to KOH or Ultra4 Europe, get comfy and watch the whole thing. Just darned brilliant….best thing that’s happened to off road motorsport, around the world, in decades…this format and broadcast really is a game changer!!!!

With the mighty KOH well under way, we have a simply glorious clip of JS Customs team, Daniel Roderick and Dan Thomas, by very kind permission of Moose Offroad & Full Throttle Productions Media. They also sent Off Road World Wide a short message, with some great news from the lakebed:

” Moose Offroad & Full Throttle Productions Media have travelled over 3500 miles to Johnson Valley California, to support #Team Europe – 5 race trucks from the European Ultra 4 series, who are racing in the unlimited 4400 class at King of the Hammers this Friday. All 5 teams have successfully qualified for the main event, which is dubbed the most hardcore offroad race in the USA! Whether racing or spectating, it is hard to describe just how amazing it is to experience this event first-hand. With over 60,000 spectators coming from all over the world, it is an absolute “bucket list” week-long event for any offroad petrolhead, with classes covering UTV, T1 (Trophy trucks) and of course the various Ultra 4 classes – from stock through to unlimited 4400.”

We caught Mike Robertson, just as he arrived back from work, for his views, as a regular crew member for Letzroll, on being part of this unique and truly magnificent event…..and possible plans to get his own car over there sometime soon…….. we hope!!!!

Thanks so much to Tils Tee and Ultra4 Europe for the use of the following interview, on their FB page…..all eyes on Daniel Roderick and Dan Thomas! Just great to see them out there, they’ve already made KOH 2019 pretty special indeed!!!

The week long KOH event looks like this in format …. just to give you some timings:-



LIVE Time:

Can- Am UTV King of the Hammers Presented by HCR – Qualifying


10:55am PST

Can- Am UTV King of the Hammers Presented by HCR


7:55am PST

AMSOIL After Dark


8:00pm PST

4WP Every Man Challenge (EMC) – Qualifying


9:55am PST

Holley EFI Shootout Presented by KMC, King Shocks and Action Sports Canopies


5:55pm PST

AMSOIL After Dark


9:00pm PST

Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries – Qualifying


7:55am PST

Pit Crew Challenge Presented by Pro Eagle, Buggy Whip, Raceline Wheels, BOXO Tools


5:30pm PST

4WP Every Man Challenge (EMC)


7:55am PST

AMSOIL After Dark


8:00pm PST

Toyo Desert Invitational Presented by Monster Energy


7:55am PST

AMSOIL After Dark


8pm PST

Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries

AMSOIL After Dark



7:45am PST

10:30pm PST

2019 King of the Hammers Week Awards Show


9:30am PST

Le Web Française

Most brilliantly, John Hilton has let us loose amongst his incredible archive store. If you want, you can see his own, brilliantly captured vids of the French Tout Terrain c’ship and much more by hopping over to You’ll need a comfy chair and a good hour at least…it’s fantastic!! We’ll be following him as he films the events through 2019, with interviews, vids and possibly even a live show from one of the events.